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365worldstorerxm.com Reviews – Illegally-Operating Online Pharmacy


365worldstorerxm.com is an online pharmacy that promises to offer safe and high-quality medications at affordable prices. However, the design, including the features and layout of the site draws a different picture. We strongly believe that this pharmacy is a scam.



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Information about the website

The pharmacy claim that they have been in existence for over 7 years. However, according to whois.com, this domain is less than 2 months old. It was registered on 2018-02-28 and is set to expire by 2019.


Information about the owner is not available. We discovered that the registrant is using a protection service to hide information about their identity and location, possibly to cover their tracks and avoid being traced.




Scam Analysis

From the images to the content displayed, this website has a good professional look, which makes it very difficult for anyone to notice that it is a scam. However, a search on scamadviser.com confirms our fears. The site has a very low trust rating, and it is therefore not unsafe for the public. Furthermore, the website setup involves Russia, which is known as a high-risk country as far as online fraud is concerned.



Mirror Websites

This site is associated with hundreds of suspicious websites. Surprisingly, all these websites have the same design and layout, including text and images. We were astonished to discover that these mirror sites are also dealing in exactly the same products.